q. what is the game's style

a. the game's setup style is similar to 2kki where anyone can contribute. Calcium manages programming it all into the game, so make sure they see your suggestions and contributions.

q. what is the name of the protag

a. yamitsuki (they're pretty cool, feel free to draw art of them)

q. can i contribute

a. send your ideas, sprites, music, and art in the discord and see what everyone thinks.

q. what is the story / tone of the game

a. there's no set story or tone at this time, but we may discuss this with common contributors in the future if need be.

q. is yamitsuki _

a. yamitsuki is whatever you want them to be

p>q. what if i take issue with content someone else has submitted?

a. final say falls on project leads (poniko and calcium) unless theres a good reason for removing it such as something clearly meant to only offend someone it will most likely be put into the game in some form, however your request will be considered

q. what program is it being made in?

a. rpg maker mv

q. what's allowed in the game?

a. pretty much anything, so long as it has purpose and isnt solely for shock value. also, please no trypophobia-based things. thanks.